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MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Learn how to apply the latest theory and principles in industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology to create stronger organizations and improve employee performance in one of the first I/O master’s programs offered online.

Prepare to advance your career and drive organizational change as a:

  • Consultant
  • Corporate trainer
  • Human resource manager
  • Researcher

Fast Facts

Next Start Date: February 3, 2020

Transfer Credits: Up to 23 credits

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Deepen your understanding of both the employees’ work environment and organizational performance as a whole.
Inspire positive change. You can make a real difference in people’s lives. Integrate research-based practices about growth and development as an evidence-based organizational coach.
Gain a foundational understanding of forensic psychology, which is the application of I/O psychological theory and methods to the legal or criminal justice environment.
Gain an understanding of the roles within organizations and teams and examine what elements are needed to build synergy among individuals and create a healthy workforce.
Learn to apply I/O theory and methods to address issues and opportunities for improvement arising from structure, class, ethnicity, race, sexuality, and age in the workplace.
Design your own program of study by choosing any three specialization courses included in the M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology program to fulfill the specialization course requirement.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be prepared to:

  • Describe behavior using current theory and research in industrial and organizational psychology
  • Articulate the uniqueness of the Industrial-Organizational Psychology specialization including the history specific to this specialization
  • Discuss how key industrial and organizational issues impact organizations (i.e. issues such as selection, performance management, performance measurement, job analysis, individual behavior, leadership, motivation, organizational culture, work teams, and/or job attitudes)

Course-based Learning option

If you prefer an instructor-led approach and learning on a predetermined schedule, the course-based format may be a good option for you.

Tempo Competency-based Learning option

If you prefer a flexible learning experience with no set weekly deadlines, allowing you to make progress at your pace, on your schedule, the Tempo Competency-based Learning format may be for you.

More about our MS in I/O Psychology program

As a graduate of Walden's MS in I/O Psychology program, your career options may include:*

  • Employee development consultant or trainer
  • Organizational consultant
  • Human resources manager or consultant
  • Researcher

*Career options may require additional experience, training, or other factors beyond the successful completion of this degree program.

A bachelor's degree or higher is required for entrance into this program. You will also be required to submit a completed online application, employment history, and official transcripts.

Your enrollment advisor will help you gather all of the required materials, starting with your application and continuing all the way through your first day of classes.

Tuition costs will vary depending on your previous education. Get in touch with an enrollment advisor today at 855-203-5779, to learn more about tuition costs for this program and financial aid options.

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Why earn your MS in I/O Psychology at Walden?

Why earn your MS in I/O Psychology at Walden?

Ginger Jenkins

“I had to make sure the college I chose was accredited and user-friendly with a challenging curriculum."

Ginger Jenkins | MS in Forensic Psychology Graduate, PhD in Psychology Student

This tuition reduction is only available to new students in good standing residing in California, Georgia, or Texas who begin classes on November 25, 2019. This offer may only be combined with the 10% tuition reduction for U.S.-based partner organizations, military reduction, or incremental offers. Student is responsible for other non-tuition costs, including but not limited to university and program and custom-related fees and taxes. The grant funds will be applied to the student’s account approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the start date and applied up to $400 per term for the first 5 consecutive terms after enrollment, beginning in the first term. Student must be enrolled continuously (without break) to receive full grant. Any unused portion due to a break in attendance will be forfeited.

Note on Licensure

The MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology is not a licensure program and does not prepare an individual to become a licensed psychology professional.