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Walden University developed Tempo Learning® to offer an innovative, custom-paced way to complete your degree, letting you use your real-world work experience to speed your progress.

  • Learn at Your Pace. We designed our experience to adapt to your learning style—not to a calendar.

  • Fit Your Schedule. You decide when and how make progress, using mobile access to learn and communicate with faculty.

  • Control your cost. A subscription-based model allows you to maximize progress, plus use what you learn immediately in your job.

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Built on Competencies

Tempo Learning® is a competency-based education experience. That means your progress is measured by proving your knowledge, skills and expertise through a variety of assessment opportunities.

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Real-world knowledge from the start

Competencies are skills, knowledge and abilities that students use to demonstrate their progress. For each degree, a series of competencies are identified that students need to be successful in their careers.

Students progress toward their degree by showing mastery of competencies through a variety of assessments such as selected response, short answer or work products.

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Achieve your goals at your pace

As you pace yourself through competencies, you’ll be able to apply your work experience or previous education. Faculty will reach out to offer support and guidance during each competency, clarifying concepts and providing detailed and prompt feedback. Your industry experience may allow you to potentially accelerate progress, demonstrate mastery through assessments, and complete competencies.

Plus, you'll be gaining skills that you can immediately apply to your job while you are working toward your degree.

How competencies work

Flexibility to learn what you need

As you master what you need to move through competencies, you work towards your end goal at a speed that’s right for you. Complete competencies at a rapid pace, or slow your progress to fit your life.

You even have control over what you learn, when. For instance, if a particular competency syncs with an initiative at your workplace, you can choose to make that competency a priority.

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Tira Wallace

"The academic specialist I spoke with really helped clarify my priorities and evaluate what option was best for me."

Tira Wallace | Master of Public Health (MPH) Student

More About Tempo Learning®

  • Tempo Learning (Competency-Based): Complete competencies at your own pace, based on your ability to demonstrate understanding of their content. At the beginning of each term, you will map out your learning goals in partnership with your Academic Coach.
  • Traditional (Course-Based): Courses have preset start, end, and assignment due dates. Knowing this consistent, required schedule can make it easier for some learners to plan their time.
  • Tempo Learning (Competency-Based): You can use what you already know to accelerate your progress, potentially saving you time and money.
  • Traditional (Course-Based): The course-based approach exposes you to new material as well as reinforces and updates your knowledge within an established time frame.
  • Tempo Learning (Competency-Based): If you find materials challenging, you can slow down and spend additional time with them. You can also raise your hand to get support directly from our Faculty Subject Matter Experts.
  • Traditional (Course-Based): Your fellow students will be learning the same material and completing assignments at the same time, so if you find yourself struggling, you can connect with them or faculty for additional support.