Are you intrigued by the psychology of criminal behavior and its impact throughout the legal system? Walden’s online MS in Forensic Psychology program allows you to:

  • Tailor your learning to your specific interests and goals.
  • Study coursework that covers topics ranging from understanding violence, risk, and threat assessment to offender and victim behavior.
  • Engage in interactive content and strengthen your real-world knowledge as you learn from top experts in the field.

Fast Facts

Next Start Date: April 10, 2017

Duration: 24 months

Transfer Credits: Up to 24 credits

  • Criminal Justice

    Design your own specialization in criminal justice by choosing from a variety of courses related to both the forensic psychology and criminal justice fields.

  • Cybercrimes

    Gain an understanding of how technology is used in cybercrimes, and how they effect communities.

  • Family Violence

    Examine criminal behavior in a family setting among children, spouses, and the elderly.

  • Legal Issues in Forensic Psychology

    Discover how you can engage with the court system and understand expert testimony, jury selection, and eyewitness testimony.

  • Military

    Study how the variety of emotional challenges that military personnel and veterans face can lead to abuse, aggression, and other social issues.

  • Police Psychology

    Build your knowledge on stress management, coping strategies, critical incident debriefing, and more.

  • Self-Designed

    Design your own specialization by choosing from a variety of courses related to all sectors of criminal justice including crime behavior, victimology, mental health, and more.

  • Sex Offender Behavior

    Examine need-driven behaviors and how they cause various types of sex offenders. You'll also explore treatment models, media, and technology.

  • Terrorism

    Gain an understanding of the systemic approaches to the issues of public safety, emergency preparedness, and disaster/trauma management.

  • Victimology

    Examine stress disorders and treatment models for both victims and first responders.


In the MS in Forensic Psychology program, you will:

  • Promote social change through application of advanced psychological concepts/principles within forensic settings.
  • Apply psychological theories relevant to criminal behavior in forensic psychology settings.
  • Explain the assessment elements (psychological assessment, risk assessment, psychological reports) used within forensic psychology settings.

You will also be about to choose either a capstone or a field experience course to apply what you’ve learned to a real problem facing your profession.

Then, should you choose to pursue your doctorate degree, up to half of the credits earned in this program can then be applied to our PhD in Psychology program.


More about our MS in Forensic Psychology program

  • Career Options

    The MS in Forensic Psychology program can help prepare you to find work in a variety of roles, including:*

    • Case manager
    • Program director
    • Law enforcement, probation, or correctional officer
    • Court liaison
    • Expert witness
    • Jury consultant
    • Law enforcement advocate
    • Researcher
    • Victims’ advocate

    *Career options may require additional experience, training, or other factors beyond the successful completion of this degree program.

  • Entry Requirements

    A bachelor's degree or higher is required for entrance into the MS in Forensic Psychology program. You will also be required to submit a completed online application, employment history, and official transcripts.

    Your enrollment advisor will help you gather all of the required materials starting with your application all the way through your first day of classes.

  • Tuition and Financial Aid

    Because tuition costs will vary depending on your previous education, you can get in touch with an enrollment advisor today by calling 855.203.3398, to learn more about tuition costs for the MS in Forensic Psychology program and financial aid options.

    Walden's enrollment advisors are committed to helping identify and leverage opportunities for you to save money on your education. 

  • How to Apply

    To speak with an enrollment advisor about applying for our program today, fill out the form on this page to be contacted, or call 855.203.3398.

Why earn your MS in Forensic Psychology at Walden?

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    Courses are enhanced by videos, simulations, presentations, and more.

  • Social Change

    Become more than a scholar; gain skills to help you make a difference in your community.

  • Exceptional Student Support

    Benefit from our 24/7 tech support, Writing Center, Career Services Center, and more.

Note on Licensure
The MS in Forensic Psychology program is not a licensure program and does not prepare an individual to become a licensed psychology professional.



“I had to make sure the college I chose was accredited and user-friendly with a challenging curriculum."

Ginger Jenkins | MS in Forensic Psychology Graduate, PhD in Psychology Student