Walden’s PhD in Psychology program will allow you to:

  • Gain an ability to integrate theories, research, and evidence-based practices that accommodate cultural and individual diversity.
  • Network with expert faculty and other doctoral students at face-to-face residencies.
  • Study a particular area of interest. Choose from a variety of focused specializations, some of which even offer expedited path options.

You are eligible to enroll in our PhD in Psychology program if you have earned either a master’s or bachelor’s degree.

Fast Facts

Next Start Date: April 10, 2017

Duration: 66 months

Transfer Credits: Up to 45 credits

  • Clinical Psychology

    Learn to diagnose, assess, and provide interventions for a wide array of emotional and behavioral disorders. Prepare to qualify to sit for psychology licensing exams when you choose the Clinical Psychology specialization.

  • Educational Psychology*

    Deepen your understanding of key psychological theories affecting issues related to the learning experiences of both high achievers and individuals whose needs are more specialized.

  • Forensic Psychology*

    Develop a greater understanding of the criminal justice system and the mental health issues that drive many aspects of criminal behavior. This specialization also offers a Fast-Track option, so you can complete you degree in less time.

  • General Psychology (Teaching and Research options)

    Examine the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive issues impacting human behavior in today's society. You may choose to focus on teaching or research to align with your career goals.

  • Health Psychology*

    Focus on promoting positive health behaviors, and encourage change as a researcher in academic, medical, business, government, and community settings.

  • Social Psychology*

    The first program of its kind available online, the PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Social Psychology can expand your understanding of how social factors influence human psychology and behavior.

*Expedited Path: Accelerate Your Progress

Do you have the time, discipline, and motivation to fully commit yourself to a doctoral program? If you want to hit the ground running, you can take classes full time and complete your PhD in Psychology with any specialization except Clinical and General in less time. Contact an enrollment advisor to learn more about this option and if it’s the right choice for you.

Earn a Master's Degree While Completing Your PhD

You are eligible to enroll in our PhD in Psychology program if you have earned either a master’s or bachelor’s degree. In addition, certain specializations in the PhD in Psychology program allow you to earn your MS in Psychology as you complete your PhD. The specialization you choose for your doctoral program will determine the MS in Psychology specialization you complete.

To learn more about this option, request information on this page or call to speak with an enrollment advisor today.

Learning Outcomes

With a PhD in Psychology from Walden University, you’ll be better prepared as a researcher, educator, and practitioner to help individuals and groups with family, mental health, career, and educational issues.

In this program, you will:

  • Gain knowledge about applying clinical interventions for diverse populations.
  • Study current models of supervision, counseling, and therapy.
  • Develop evidence-based practices you can apply in a variety of settings.

More about our PhD in Psychology program

  • Career Options

     Your career options, depending on your specialization, may include a variety of roles, such as:*

    • Researcher
    • Counselor
    • Administrator
    • Consultant
    • Political strategist
    • Teacher
    • Marketing director
    • Director of career services
    • Human resources manager
    • Staff psychologist
    • Law enforcement, probation, or correctional officer

    *Career options may require additional experience, training, or other factors beyond the successful completion of this degree program.

  • Entry Requirements

    If you have earned either a master’s or a bachelor’s degree, you are eligible for Walden’s PhD in Psychology program. You will also be required to submit a completed online application, employment history, and official transcripts.

    Your enrollment advisor will help you gather all of the required materials starting with your application all the way through your first day of classes.

  • Tuition and Financial Aid

    Because tuition costs will vary depending on your previous education, you can get in touch with an enrollment advisor today by calling 855.203.3398, to learn more about tuition costs for the PhD in Psychology program and financial aid options.

    Walden's enrollment advisors are committed to helping identify and leverage opportunities for you to save money on your education. 

  • How to Apply

    To speak with an enrollment advisor about applying for our program today, fill out the form on this page to be contacted, or call 855.203.3398.

Why earn your PhD in Psychology at Walden?

  • Accomplished Faculty

    Many of our teaching faculty members hold doctoral degrees across a spectrum of specialty areas.

  • Exceptional Student Services

    Benefit from our 24/7 tech support, Writing Center, Career Services Center, and more.

  • Psi Chi

    Join Walden’s virtual chapter of The International Honor Society in Psychology.

Note on Licensure

Walden University offers some PhD in Psychology specializations that lead to professional licensure and others that do not. Contact an enrollment advisor for assistance in evaluating whether your chosen specialization can lead to professional licensure in your state.



“I had to make sure the college I chose was accredited and user-friendly with a challenging curriculum."

Ginger Jenkins | MS in Forensic Psychology Graduate, PhD in Psychology Student