Tempo Learning is a competency-based approach to learning that lets you accomplish your education goals on your schedule, at your pace. Your experience can help you advance as you demonstrate what you already know.

What are competencies?

  • Competencies are skills or knowledge that you learn to demonstrate through your education, each carefully constructed to support successful career building. 
  • Each competency we include in your path to a degree was carefully designed by expert faculty with input from employers, with your education and future employment in mind.

Fast Facts

Next Start Date: April 3, 2017

Tuition Savings: You may be eligible to receive up to 50% off the life of your program, for select Tempo Learning programs.

Walden currently offers Tempo Learning as an option for the following programs:

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The Benefits of Competency-Based Learning

  • Pacing and Timing

    Tempo Learning (Competency-Based): Complete competencies at your own pace, based on your ability to demonstrate understanding of their content. At the beginning of each term, you will map out your learning goals in partnership with your Academic Coach.

    Traditional (Course-Based): Courses have preset start, end, and assignment due dates. Knowing this consistent, required schedule can make it easier for some learners to plan their time.

  • Mastering Course Topics

    Tempo Learning (Competency-Based): You can use what you already know to accelerate your progress, potentially saving you time and money.

    Traditional (Course-Based): The course-based approach exposes you to new material as well as reinforces and updates your knowledge within an established timeframe.

  • Support Along the Way

    Tempo Learning (Competency-Based): If you find materials challenging, you can slow down and spend additional time with them. You can also raise your hand to get support directly from our Faculty Subject Matter Experts.

    Traditional (Course-Based): Your fellow students will be learning the same material and completing assignments at the same time, so if you find yourself struggling, so if you find yourself struggling, you can connect with them or faculty for additional support.

Why Study at Walden?

  • Learn With Leaders

    Walden faculty are subject-matter experts who are dedicated to your success.

  • Exceptional Student Services

    Benefit from our 24/7 tech support, Writing Center, Career Services Center, and more.

  • Relevant Curriculum

    Coursework is based on the latest research and current best practices.



“The academic advisor I spoke with really helped clarify my priorities and evaluate what option was best for me."

Tira Wallace | Master of Public Health (MPH) Student